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‘음악으로 사람의 감정을 타고 놀겠다’는 뜻을 가진 '타니모션'은 이름 그대로 때로는 신나고 때로는 애절한 음악으로 관객의 마음을 흔들어놓는 밴드이다. 아쟁, 피리, 생황, 태평소 같은 국악기와 드럼, 건반, 아코디언 등 서양악기의 독특한 편성으로 본격 하이브리드 밴드를 표방하고 있다.


영화/연극/무용 음악감독으로 활동하는 연리목이 음악을 작곡하고 있으며, 판소리극 사천가의 주인공 김소진을 보컬리스트로 영입하면서 한층 더 밝고 경쾌한 컨셉으로 변신했다. 2013 전주세계소리축제 소리프론티어 대상, 2011 천차만별 콘서트 우수상, 2011 한국음악프로젝트 은상을 수상하는 등 유수의 경연에서 실력을 인정받았고, EBS 스페이스 공감, 울산 월드뮤직 페스티벌과 천차만별 콘서트, 여우樂(락)페스티벌 등의 무대에 연이어 초청되며 많은 관객을 만나고 있다


Tanemotion is a Korean crossover band formed in 2010 in Seoul, Korea. The band is composed of five members with diverse instruments including Korean traditional ones such as Ah-zang, Pi-ri, Sang-hwang and Tae-pyung-so. 

The band’s name “Tanemotion” means Tan+emotion, and “Tan” is a Korean phrase which is similar to “play” in Eng-lish, yet especially used in playing traditional strings. Thus, the band name represents a musical goal of the band that they want to Tan(play) people’s emotion like Taning (playing) strings. 


YEON Li Mok, who writes most of songs and plays keyboard and accordion in the band, fell in love with Korean traditional instruments although she majored classical music composition in University. She focused on Korean traditional instruments’ unique sound and tried to ignore its nationality or con-ventional way of use in writing songs. As a result, Tanemotion made brand new style and brought a new sensation to Korean music scene. The band won the grand prize for Best Frontier at The Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival in 2013, Excellence award at Chuncha-Mahnbyul Concert in 2011, and Silver prize at The 21C Korean Music Project in the same year. In fact, above all these praises from Korean music industry, most brilliant virtue of the band is that they have a special power to make audience feel empathy with their music, even for someone who cannot understand its lyrics at all. Some would say it comes from the vocalist KIM So Jin’s unique voice, and some also would say it’s because the band has primitive beauty based on their ritual tune . One clear thing is, to conclude, this band is not a band whoever on earth can just sit back and watch. 


Tanemotion does not prefer to be called “crossover” or “fusion” band. The band believes they are now doing their own music and creating brand new style. The next thing they’re waiting for is to find out proper words for them on their world tour.

어디로 가나 from 1st FL album [휘청]
[Live] 탄타, 타 from Ep album [TAN+EMOTION]
[Live] 커피한잔(by. 김추자) + Light my fire(by. Doors) Cover
[Live] 백세인생 Cover (by.이애란) 

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